Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh shit son!

Looking like I have to go in for surgery tomorrow because of some congenital heart thing (wtf?), anyway now I feel even more silly for writing reviews then never ending up posting them :P

So... heres my last comic and review for awhile. If I live through this I'll never procrastinate again, lol.

Dragon Age 2

This is going to be a short review (feels right not giving it a full review, because of the state it was released in).

How did Bioware make the graphics for this game worse then ME2, a game that came out almost a year before DA2? Separate production teams. This one needs to be purged like a plague.

Every feature, map, texture, and aspect of DA:2 just screams at the top of its lungs, NOONE TOOK ANY TIME WITH THIS, HAVE FUN WITH A 18 MONTH RUSHJOB!

Heres a good example of what I'm talking about:

DA:O version of a trip to the dark roads: 6 hours of content with HUGE maps/areas and a half a dozen sidequests (all of them pretty interesting, some pretty fun) with a great storyline underneath it.

DA2 version of a trip to the dark roads: Under 1 hour of content with a map that is used twice more in the later game, 1 sidequest that you complete no matter what you say or do, and a average storyline.

Every single feature of the game has LESS to it, never more. 

Skill system? GONE.
Attributes? Only the main attribute for your class + constitution matter, skip the rest because they are useless.

They tried to fool grafics cat with a high res texture pack, but a few shiny armor retexturings won't hide the horrible face textures or randomly horrible wall and floor textures.

Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon age 2.
Maybe he had a seizure? Every face they tried to import from Origins looks worse, no exceptions.

I could literally talk for hours about the corners that were cut on this game. The only redeeming quality I saw was the pretty good storyline, and the combat. Unfortunately the combat was riddled with so many flaws that it hurts my head to think about it.

Enemies come in waves out of thin air and always scale to your level (along with all ingame equipment) making certain that whenever the player levels up he becomes weaker compared to all enemies, along with his armor and weapons becoming weaker as well. This leads to the character actually being penalized for exploring and achieving higher levels! 

Maybe it was somewhat unrealistic to hope for a game at the quality and level of Dragon Age: Origins, being that  this title was made in a little under a third of the time, but in that case they shouldn't have charged 60$ and hyped it like it was the next coming of Jebus.  


Only bother picking up this title if you loved the first one and enjoy the RPG genre, even then I don't recommend buying till all the DLC is in and the price drops.

Oh, and heres a comic for no reason. Enjoy!