Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Witcher II Preview P.3

Part 3: What we know so far.

This is all the tidbits of information and extras I could scrape together.

Put most in link form, so you wouldn't be bombarded with 10 videos at once :D

Official website A lot of great info there.

A screenshot from the official website, a prison escape.

Interview with a Dev  Around 30 minutes long.

The witcher MMO! This is a free to play The Witcher browser game. Great to satiate your Witcher fix until 2 comes out :D

Released cutscene A cutscene from The Witcher 2, where we are introduced to a few new characters.

Dev diary 1

Dev diary 2

Fan FAQ  Its a good 'what we know so far' that is kept pretty well updated.

If you don't watch anything else, i'd watch this one:

E3 footage with dev commentary
Part 2

Thanks for reading :D

We still have around 6 months till the release...